A Time To Every Purpose

Leigh Wilson, the preeminent scientist of her generation, has invented a way to look back into time. Banned from using it for anything more than investigative purposes by a brutal regime that fears its power, she complies in the face of insurmountable odds. But the world is changing and in the aftermath of a vicious murder Leigh now faces her ultimate dilemma. Can she muster the courage to act and reset her reality? A Time to Every Purpose is a fast-moving thriller with amazing twists and turns that grips you through to its final, unexpected climax. A groundbreaking, cross-genre thriller from an exciting author.

***** “A thriller with heart… Gifted storytelling combines with meticulous scientific and historical research to produce a memorable and profoundly moving story…” (Elaine Fry, The West Australian)

***** “A Time To Every Purpose by Ian Andrew deals with huge concepts, looking at the broad sweep of history… a well-executed alternate history novel with some great action scenes.” (John Wyatt, NewsUK)