Marketing Services

A marketing program designed specifically for you – the independent author



Designed by Independently Published Authors for Independently Published Authors.

Are you fed up trying to get digital marketing to work for you? Have you used social media advertising in the past, but now it is less effective due to tighter data controls and less exposure on the platforms? Or do you simply not have time to arrange marketing opportunities?

Then our Independent Author Marketing (IAM) program is for you!

But it is also so much more.

  • Harnessing the collective power of crowd-sourced marketing and calling on a dedicated marketer to set-up real-world engagements and virtual exposure,
  • Promoting a central place on the world wide web for you and your books.
  • Providing reach to mailing lists with newsletters and blog posts,
  • Hosting a central book review page for fair and unbiased reviews of your books regardless of where or when the reader purchased them
  • And bringing together indy-minded authors in regular webinars to discuss marketing and other topics of interest.

A marketing program aimed at people dedicated to the art of writing and who have produced books of distinction.

How Does It Work?

We have tried to make the program affordable and as effective as possible by developing 3 tiers of marketing services that let you choose your own adventure.


To get started choose your preferred tier, fill in the simple, online application and we will get the ball rolling.

We start with a few simple questions that help us establish your author and book detail pages, design the mailshots, blogs and social media posts that will be dedicated to increasing your virtual “footprint” and improving your author “brand”. In parallel, we will introduce you to our dedicated marketing strategist who will work out the best places in “the real world” for you to engage with, based on your location and your book’s genre.

One thing to bear in mind though. Our team can make the schedules and connections for you, but none of it works without you committing to “turning up”. Be that telephone or ‘zoom’ interviews, radio interviews or podcasts, readings at a library or perhaps a guest appearance at a local book club. The proverbial horse and water needs to be borne in mind !!

Significantly, you will also receive an invitation to our quarterly celebrations and educational webinars where you can learn new marketing skills, “meet” other authors to exchange ideas, successes and of course share what didn’t work as well as you hoped. Only by doing that will we continue to improve.

As part of the program, we will also host a dedicated review site for all enrolled Author’s books. This access to the Review Pages will negate the frustrations I am sure you have encountered when readers have not been able to leave reviews on larger retail sites because either the reader didn’t purchase the book there, or hasn’t “spent enough money” to be allowed to leave a review. That is why our single, multi-book, multi-review site will allow readers to leave their thoughts and for you to provide links to your readers in the future. Please also note that all book reviews will be moderated by us and that we retain full discretion over the posting of reviews.

Finally, we will manage and report on the performance of the program every month as it relates to you and your book (s) including any additional advertising opportunities you wanted to take part in. What is working, we will continue with. However, you must always bear in mind, that like all marketing, there are no guarantees, so in the case of strategies that are not working, we will revise and update as we need to so you get the best value for your money.

Our aim is simple. The maximum marketing impact with a fee you can afford. Our values are equally simple. To strive to do our absolute best for all the authors enrolled on the program and to enhance the professional standing of all independently published authors, worldwide.

And what does all this cost?


We’ve designed the program with three tiers… to fit your budget and your appetite for promotional activities.

Prices are in USD, if you are an Australian-based author, unfortunately, we do have to charge GST.