Beyond the Title – The Yearbook

“I so enjoyed being interviewed by someone who realises it is the news that is the star and not the newsreader – as my mentor Alastiar Burnet always said!”
Alastair Stewart OBE

“Josh Barry is without doubt a force of nature.”
Larry Lamb

“Josh Barry is a brilliant interviewer. I am so proud to have had a chance to meet him. His book deserves to be widely read.”
Stanley Johnson

Beyond The Title (The Yearbook) is based on the entertainment platform and podcast of the same name, created by the writer, Josh Barry. Despite having Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, which has severely impacted his mobility and speech, Josh and his team have conducted interviews with numerous remarkable showbiz personalities over the last four years. These interviews have formed a catalogue of insights from the breadth of the arts that capture the essences of British entertainment, past and present.

In this book, we get a snapshot of the careers of some of the most distinguished personalities of the latter part of the twentieth century, together with a cultural breakdown of the world in which they live. It offers a contextual analysis of where these figures sit in the nation’s psyche, and an exploration of their unique journeys to becoming some of Britain’s biggest stars. In short, this is the story of light entertainment through the eyes of some of its most recognisable faces.

So join Josh and his assistants as they explore the enigmatic world of show business in an insightful and entertaining read.