About Emma O’Connor

Emma O’Connor is mum to 2 boys and wife to a chef. She is a professional swimming teacher, happiness coach, and an accidental author. Born and raised in country Victoria, Australia; Emma met her husband in the ski fields of New South Wales and somehow ended up raising her children in Edinburgh, Scotland. Throughout this time she has had many roles, but it was a very boring ‘day job’ combined with Emma’s role as ‘reader of bedtime stories’ that inspired her to start writing children’s books. Her big black sketch book is brimming with her scribbles and rhymes, and she often finds herself inspired by the silly chats between her husband and sons.

Emma is a budding advocate for children and young people’s mental health and is on a mission to support families suffering through anxiety. Her dream is to spread hope and happiness through her social venture Happiness Now, which will be a centre for children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing. You can learn more about Emma and her initiatives at: https://www.everydayhappy.co.uk


Books by Emma O’Connor

Illustrator Rachael Gray


About Rachael Gray – Illustrator

Rachael Gray lives in the beautiful East Lothian countryside with her gorgeous family & far too many pets. She loves art and is constantly drawing, painting, sketching & doodling. When not drawing, Rachael can be found walking her dogs ‘Pickle & Grubb’ who come on all of the family adventures. They (the dogs) are keen kayakers, have recently learnt to surf and are the given names for all Rachael’s illustration enterprises. All of which can be seen at www.pickle-and-grubb.com where she has a gallery of work & an online store for prints & children’s writing sets.

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