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Ending Body Burnout

by Filipa Bellette PhD


Ending Body Burnout

Hey there “busy” lady, juggling all the things!

While busy-ness, overworking, addictive-doing, people pleasing & perfectionism might be the “norm” – it’s NOT “normal”. And it’s a major contributor to health issues.

All these stressors, if left unchecked, can cause body burnout – energy, mood, gut & other “weird” inflammatory issues. If you’ve hit a brick wall with your GP (you know…”all your tests are fine”…but you don’t feel fine!), you’ll want to read Ending Body Burnout.

In this book, Functional Medicine Practitioner and PhD Scholar, Filipa Bellette, takes you through the three main body systems that burnout in high-achieving women, as well as the three key root-cause contributors you need to address to end your body burnout…for good!

So buckle up and join Filipa to learn how to deeply love yourself, restore your body and get your spark back – without feeling restricted. Get ready for epic health and the life of your dreams! Woot!