Jane Hammett


Jane is an Advanced Professional member of the UK-based Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP, formerly the Society for Editors and Proofreaders). She is also a tutor on CIEP’s proofreading and copyediting courses.

She offers copyediting, development editing and proofreading. She specialises in adult fiction (romance, general fiction, both contemporary and historical, crime/mystery/action/thriller), non-fiction (biography, autobiography, memoir, self-help books), and children’s fiction and non-fiction (from pre-school picture books to YA novels).

Jane is reliable, thorough, friendly and honest. She always meets deadlines, and authors enjoy working with her: see http://www.jane-hammett.co.uk/testimonials.htm

Jane loves working with authors to achieve their aims. She is particularly proud of working on the following recent books:

  • Kerry Drewery: The Last Paper Crane
  • Chris Ryan: The Special Forces Cadets series
  • Rutendo Tavengerwei: The Colours that Blind
  • TM Logan: The Holiday
  • Elizabeth Kay: Seven Lies
  • Sam Rice: The Midlife Method

Website: http://www.jane-hammett.co.uk/

CIEP Directory: https://www.ciep.uk/directory/jane-hammett