Playing The Odds

A Ben Wieserkowski Novel

Ben Wieserkowski had planned to start small. Some adultery, a missing persons, maybe a child abduction. But suckered by her damsel in distress routine and a great set of legs, he had wound up biting off the whole enchilada.

It had been an ambush. He’d copped a severe beating, but a couple of Freddy’s goons had to be laying in traction – at least one of them must have been in the burns unit. Somehow he had rescued her kid and saved Marcy’s life, and in doing so had taken down his first psychopath. With the check, he’d signed a six-month lease and decided he was gonna write the novel he knew was inside of him. That was before his front door was kicked in by two gun-wielding ass-hats who started shooting up the place.

Now Ben finds himself between the Italian Mob and the Chinese Gangs and even with his limited detective skills he figures he’s in a world of hurt. Can he uncover the murky goings-on in Fog City before every hired thug and bent cop on the street comes gunning for him, or will Playing the Odds cost him more than a busted-up apartment and a broke shoulder?

The first in the new series of Ben Wieserkowski novels.

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