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The Harrie Taylor Mysteries

by Kristine Fitzgerald
Illustrations by Sienna Ham


The Harrie Taylor Mysteries

2 books in 1

The Missing Bracelet

On Australia Day, Harrie and Ben begrudgingly attend a family barbecue at the Jones’ house. They look on as three-year-old Ted, who Harrie thinks is a spoilt brat, runs around after his mum and repeatedly drops household items on the ground. His older sister Ella is no better—she dances and prances in her fancy costumes and shows off in front of her visiting grandmother.

Just as lunch is served, chaos breaks out, and Harrie’s mum loses her brand new, expensive diamond bracelet. Harrie is determined to find out what happened to it.

Was it stolen by one of the guests, or worse, the host? Did Ted pick it up and drop it somewhere in the house? Harrie and Ben put their heads together, gather clues, make a list of suspects and ultimately solve the mystery.

The Lolly Shop Graffiti

Most days after school Harrie and Ben visit the Andersons’ lolly shop on their way home. One day whilst they are there, they hear a loud bang outside. They are dismayed to discover that someone has graffitied the wall of the shop in bright red paint.

After working their way through some clues, Harrie and Ben are convinced that the graffiti artist is a boy from their school. Could it be Noah, the quiet conscientious student who never does anything wrong? Could it be Alex, the bully? Or is it possibly Tony, the happy-go-lucky boy who has red paint all over his hands and arms?

Tackling one of her hardest cases yet, Harrie looks at the evidence and works her way through the clues. Will she be able to figure out who the graffiti artist is?