The Inner Champion

A Seven-Week Practical Guide to Peace, Happiness and Miracles

The Inner Champion is a powerful contribution to the Self-Help genre…and an important approach to spiritual growth.”
Tim Gallwey, author of The Inner Game series.

‘You have the right to awaken to the true power that comes from your relationship with the Inner Champion. You also have the responsibility to let this awakening happen for you. Now more than ever it is essential for us to reclaim the limitless creative freedom that is natural for us when we align ourselves with our inner self. It is increasingly evident in our lives and in our world that we are facing complex problems that have no viable solutions we can draw upon from the limitations of our ordinary experience. The Inner Champion will help us let go of beliefs that tell us we are powerless to change what clearly violates our right to peace and safety and show us the reality of Love and its power.’

ISBN: 9780648702269 – Paperback: 110 pages – 6” x 9” (229mm x 152mm)