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Twenty-Twenty Hindsight by Tim Hind

Unlikely Barons

by Murray Hall

Unlikely Barons will leave a greater impression than Pindan on your legs in shorts & thongs.

Unless you lived in Broome in the 90’s and lived to tell the tale, this is the only truly safe way to travel to a time when the North West was at its infamously wildest. A scandalous ‘tale’, told unapologetically in the jargon of the time, place, heat, humidity and culture.

Review by Kylie FK

Walk A War In My Shoes by Murray Ernest Hall

Walk a War in My Shoes

by Murray Ernest Hall

Brutally honest, historically accurate and truly emotional.

Author Murray Hall has an uncanny empathy which he skillfully translates to paper, stepping the reader straight in to his great uncles cold, wet, festy boots. You will absolutely experience what it was to walk a war the shoes of a young man navigating the brutalities of war, far from home and family.

Review by Kylie FK

Coming Soon


By Peter Shearing


I found it a captivating read. Great imagination into a part of human history and survival that we rarely encounter. 

It was an insight into a past world, leading into the present. Good luck to the author for a first novel.

Review by D J A

An excellent imagining

The author has done a good job stepping out of everyday life to imagine a story to match the real life ending. He should be very pleased with his achievement.

Review by Kerrie van Doorn

Captivating reading

As I am not normally a reader, I found this book captivating and couldn’t put it down. I felt like I was a part of the story. The author’s descriptions were very evocative.

Review by Anne Sherston

Aberash by Helene Smith

A rich tapestry

In this novel, Helene Smith takes the reader on a journey with twins Lori and Cade exploring the nature of love, freedom, forgiveness, trust, the triumph of the human spirit, and the power of finding one’s true voice amongst the blue sky and the stars. Helene captures the magic of the natural landscape of South West Western Australia, and weaves a rich tapestry of song, language, dreams, and symbols, reminding us that when you face pain and difficulty head on, and keep a bit of yourself for yourself, truth and love will prevail, and solace can always be found in the hot springs of now. I laughed and I sobbed and my heart cracked open.

Review by Julie Savage


by E B Converse

A Great Read!

In ROSEDUST Elizabeth Converse creates a garden with the brush strokes of a true artist, drawing us down a path that leads into a microcosm of society, through the evolution of a family, from snobbery to acceptance, from bigotry to Love.
I loved the characters…the ease of the story, the incredibly brilliant imagery, and the beauty of its landscapes. Truly I enjoyed and indulged in every single page!
ROSEDUST is a powerful story, full of depth and emotion, that’s left me longing for more… a mini-series, perhaps?

I advise anyone who’s looking for a great read to buy ROSEDUST!

Review by Barbara Ann Quinlan

Excellent read!

Characters were a little hard to follow at first but they developed wonderfully and the plot twisted its way like a vine growing up a fence post. A tinge of California history and geography, and a hint of sophistication, this is a beautiful fable Americana.

Review by Jed r.

​An amazing cannot put down read!

Wow! WOW! Amazing! 
I just finished reading Rosedust by EB Converse.  The last two pages were hard to get through because I had difficulty seeing through my tears. Such an amazing journey EB Converse took me on, The characters were well developed and believable, from all walks of life [and] the author knows so much about horses, I learned a lot as well. Truly a gripping, cannot put down read! Well done, thank you

Review by Heidi Zin

Ties and Lies

Good reading.  Enjoyed the suspense, struggles, sadness … and then much happiness.

Review by SMAllen

Couldn’t put it down.

I enjoyed Rosedust from start to finish: the suspense, the struggles, the sadness and the happiness. Well written; couldn’t put it down.

Review by YogaNeighbor

Family Epic with Twists & Turns

Rosedust is EB Converse’s 1st novel, and I hope she writes another one! This book would have been considered risque in the 80’s… however, the menu plans, the interior design, the landscape around the mansion situates one into a “Dallas” sitcom. I admire this author. She writes a plot that spans 50 years,  narrating several lives. Hoping at some point, Rosedust becoming a terrific screenplay!

Review by Artgirl

I loved it!

I could not put this book down. I loved the intriguing way she introduced the characters and love them throughout the story. I didn’t want it to end. I loved it!!

Review by Martha Hadden


A captivating story touching all parts of society ‘s hopes and dreams and intrigue. An American tale of survival and Perseverance.

Review by Eddie Truman

Engrossing Throughout!

I enjoyed being transported into the places the the author so expertly described. The characters came to life as they went through tragedy, hardship, and ultimately achieved success and happiness. The story has a marvelously satisfying ending leaving one so delighted to have read this book.

Review by Janice Dolan


Omg!!! I am literally crying right now!! I just finished Rose Dust! I am sad that it is over i feel so connected to the characters. EB spun an amazing story with grace and beauty the characters became part of my life and I couldn’t wait to finish and now I am left wanting more and yet totally satisfied. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about Rose Dust.

Review by Ami Atkinson

Coming Soon

Black and Blue

By Lee-Ann Khoh

Watch for this Promising Young Author

Beautifully written, a first-person narrative seen through the eyes of the central character, Jade.

This is a heartfelt expose of first love made more intense by Jade’s tenuous hold on who she is and her place in the world. It is a small township with narrow boundaries. Of mixed heritage and socially awkward, after a miserable school life, at eighteen, Jade’s low self-esteem is exacerbated by the abrasive parental style of her culturally different Malaysian Chinese mother and an absent father. Her love of popular music is her comfort. To escape from her mother’s scathing demands she attends gigs at local bars and pubs. Enter a charismatic older man who finds her beautiful and through him she glimpses the possibility of true love, of friendship, family and connectivity. For Jade there is a rough road ahead in dealing with the overwhelming intensity and surprise of first love juxtaposed with the reality of a kind but flawed hero with other priorities.

I could not put this book down and read it in two sittings.

Review by Helene Smith

A talented story teller…

Author Lee-Ann Khoh takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride in her debut novel “Black and Blue” – a down to earth and modern look at the life of Jade – a young woman navigating her way through life. Growing up as an Asian-Australian, as a young adult Jade faces challenges across multiple fronts – caught between two cultures, facing parental pressure to succeed, finding a career direction, making friends, relationship dramas, and dealing with mental health challenges. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to be in the shoes of someone dealing with mental health issues, you will come away from this story feeling deeply for the angst that Jade goes through as she battles to find her place in life.

Author Lee-Ann Khoh draws you into Jade’s story – keeping you glued to the page till you reach the ending. Though dealing with some serious issues and themes, Black and Blue is peppered with funny and humorous moments along the way as Jade tells her unique story.

Lee-Ann is a talented story teller who writes with sensitivity and raw emotion.

I am looking forward to reading her next novel.

Review by Nita Teoh

It’s all amazing…

Wonderfully written and very relatable to both people who have their own demons in their head as well as what a teenager or even adult could go through with friends and relationships. The big sister in my felt like Faye at times trying to talk to Jade, but I know from having two younger sisters that those talks are easier sad than done. You’re rooting for her and the last twenty pages really bring the story full circle. Drama, love, sadness. It’s all amazing!

Review by Stephanie Umek

Coming Soon

BoBo Finds a Friend

By Celia Straus and Tina Salvesen

A beautiful, heart-warming and poignant book for children…

When BoBo finds himself all alone and unable to face the world, along comes Iris to help the little elephant deal with all sorts of social hurdles. A beautifully illustrated children’s book that deals with some big subjects in a most caring way that will certainly help little ones… And what’s more part of the sales go to animal sanctuaries..

Reviewer: JAH

Deviance by Robert C Littlewood


by Robert C Littlewood

There’s a little of Menkh in all of us

Deviance is an intelligent, fantasy novel that explores the values of a society, which although set on a different world and in a different time, is very relatable in human terms. The author, Rob Littlewood, creates in depth characters who display human qualities and human traits. The names used for the characters, and some of the language are very different and can be quite confusing; however Littlewood may have anticipated this and has provided a welcome glossary of names and terms with explanations at the beginning of Deviance.

The novel leads the reader on a journey through adversity to a potentially brighter future. Littlewood spares the reader the ‘blood, guts and gore’ that some other novels subject us to, yet we do get a sense of the horrific negative actions of war. The theme of ‘survival’ is a strong focus.

The feeling of hope is very strong and I think there’s a little of Menkh in all of us.

Reviewer: Ollie Maratea

In Spite of all Terror by VM Knox

In Spite of all Terror

by V M Knox

Well-plotted, with clever twists and interesting insights

Major Clement Wisdom is a member of the Special Duties Branch of the Secret Intelligence Service and, interestingly, also a clergyman in the Anglican Church.  He is currently living in Oxford, employed as an Assistant Archivist at St Edwards School, a short walk away from his home.  It is May 1941, and the threat of invasion hovers menacingly over a country battered by war.  The outcome of the war is in the balance and there are some in the country who want to manipulate the prevailing fear and uncertainty for their own ends.

Clement is contacted by Superintendent Arthur Morris, a police colleague, who is seeking his help in unravelling any possible connections between three separate incidents that have happened in the same Cambridgeshire field over several months – the capture of a German spy, the discovery of an unidentified dead man and, most recently, the discovery of a gun, a Luger.  Morris feels that what might initially have been regarded as a police matter is now something that the Security Services should be told about.  Clement agrees and is subsequently ordered to find out who the dead man is and whether there is any connection between him and the spy.  As he and colleagues in the SIS and the local police force investigate the various aspects of the case, it becomes apparent to Clement that they are on the edge of a complex and exceedingly dangerous conspiracy which threatens national security and individuals’ lives.

The story is well-plotted, with clever twists and interesting insights on 1940’s life.  The thoughtful, measured writing enables the reader to follow Clement’s thoughts and reasoning, and his views on the war, the country and he himself – a man trying to behave in accordance with his beliefs and his obligations to his colleagues.  The writing also seems to give an overarching air of calmness to what is in fact a tense, worrying and gripping story, one of many incidents in a huge conflict which will not be resolved for years.

The author has provided a useful note about people and places in the book, which is the third in the series, but works well as a stand-alone.
Reviewer: Jo Hesslewood

Found - Love Seeker 1

by Barbara Ann Quinlan

“Magnificent, reminiscent of Hemingway.”
Tim Gallwey, author of the Inner Game series.

If Necessary Alone by VM Knox

If Necessary Alone

by V M Knox

 If Necessary Alone

Publishers Weekly Starred Review –

Lost - Love Seeker 2

by Barbara Ann Quinlan


“An emotional ride, hard to put down; kept me thinking for days. I would love to see this as an original TV series on Netflix or Amazon.”
Julie Phelan, former Director of Talent for Nickelodeon.

“Really so full of honesty, heartbreak, and beauty.”
Shane Hipps, author of Selling Water by the River

Where Death and Danger Go

Where Death and Danger Go

by V M Knox

I can hardly wait…

I really enjoyed this book! I found it very hard to put down. I loved the twists and turns in the plot. I can hardly wait for the next book.

Reviewed in Canada on 8 February 2021

Recovered - Love Seeker 3

by Barbara Ann Quinlan

“As a window into a certain time and place it is fascinating, interesting and terrifying. Perhaps there’s a movie in it? i.e. Wild?”
Lawrence Blume, Director/Producer of Tiger Eyes


“Men found her irresistible, but no man and no tragedy could temper the seriousness of her quest
Mark Spradley

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