Some Client Love

Christine Eyres


Book Reality made publishing my book seamless and painless. I am very grateful for their help in the design of the cover and the book as a whole. I particularly appreciated the help of the copy editor whose services, though not expensive, were invaluable to me. On-going help and advice with marketing is appreciated.

Christine Eyres
No Use Crying Now

Author Dean P. R. BuswellDean Buswell


As a first-time author, I found that Book Reality was nothing short of professional, supportive, and informative. They took the time to make sure they were the right fit for me before I even committed to their services. They made what was an otherwise confusing process simple and far less frightening with outstanding communication and transparency. Once my book was successfully out in the world, they continued to go above and beyond. Even now, a year and a half later, they make sure I am aware of opportunities that would benefit. Overall, I can’t thank or recommend them enough. There are a lot of scammy services out there, and I honestly believe I would have given up trying to navigate that minefield without Book Reality.

Dean Buswell
The Order of Elysium

Author Noreen ReevesNoreen Reeves


Having self-published my first book through another publisher, it wasn’t the best experience and on writing my second book, Looking Through the Rear Window, another Book Reality author, Pam Lynch, pointed me in the right direction. Working with Ian and his team was an absolute pleasure. The professionalism and the publishing knowledge was second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending Book Reality to all would-be authors.

Noreen Reeves
Looking Through the Rear Window;
Billy’s Tree-Mendous Adventure

Kendra Reynolds


Working with Ian and the Book Reality team makes publishing enjoyable! They are warm, friendly, professional, human and clearly passionate about what they do. I hope to continue working with them in the future because this is how publishing should be! 🙂


Kendra Reynolds
Forgiveness is the Hardest Thing

Paul Sheppard


Ian and the team at BRE was recommended to me by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi). Publishing a book is onerous as any author will tell you. I consider myself fortunate to have landed Ian Hooper as my editor, and from there onwards BRE took the drudge of the process away from me. I could not recommend BRE highly enough – And I mean that.


Paul Sheppard
Bea on the Ball

Tricia Trevaskis


Ian and the team at Book Reality have been very supportive from the very early stages of publishing my book, continuing to offer great advice and assistance through to my book launch and beyond. I have always appreciated their practical insights and honest feedback. I always felt at every stage that I was in capable and trustworthy hands. I can thoroughly recommend Book Reality for all aspiring authors.


Tricia Trevaskis
The Wildcards

Jim Shields


Searching for a publisher who would fully understand what I was trying to write about I discovered Book Reality and Ian. Emails exchanged, Ian and I met to discuss my new book, Seasons of Affection. We spent an afternoon chatting. Ian generous with his time listened to my concerns, allaying them while spelling out in jargon-free language the processes of transforming my draft manuscript into a book. Ian was forthright, honest and encouraging. He knew intimately the topography of my book and wanted to publish it.

I put my trust in Ian and his Book Reality colleagues. I was not disappointed. Working with Ian was a stress-free pleasure. He was professional, courteous and generous to a fault. I will not be searching for a publisher for my next book I’ve found a home for it if Book Reality will have it. I recommend Book Reality because they care about what they are doing and do it really well.

Jim Shields
Seasons of Affection

Author Rica Keenum Rica Keenum


I queried many companies and received various offers when shopping for a publisher. Having heard horror stories about vanity publishers and hybrids not providing promised services to authors under contract, I was wary about surrendering my book. I discovered The Book Reality Experience on a resource list approved by The Alliance of Independent Authors. Still, I did more research before signing on and I contacted some of its authors requesting a reference. Everyone had good things to say! Ultimately, I found Ian and the folks at BRE to be surprisingly responsive, professional and courteous. Now as a published author, I am happy to have given my book a good home among its catalog of talented authors.

I’ll definitely be working with BRE again— soon!

Rica Keenum Petals of Rain

Morna Croft


“I can’t thank Book Reality Experience enough for everything they have done for me. You have taken me from someone who knew nothing about the process of publishing to the point where I can call myself an author. Writing the book was the easy part but I couldn’t have done the rest without your help.”

Morna Croft Beyond the Sallagh Braes

Author Angeline KingAngeline King


I initially hired Book Reality to format my novels for Kindle and complete some proof-reading tasks. As a consequence of a long-term relationship and mutual interest, I was delighted when Leschenault Press, a new publishing imprint of the same company, published ‘Irish Dancing: The Festival Story.’ The publishing process was like clock-work and the book is a great source of pride to me.

Angeline King Irish Dancing – The Festival Story

Boris HandalBoris Handal


The Book Reality Experience has published four of my history books, three in English and one in Persian language, in both paperback and ePub formats. I am absolutely impressed by how accommodating and flexible Ian was in attending to my complex publishing requirements particularly working with Oriental terminology and texts. His involvement included not only the printing aspects but also assistance with editing and marketing when required. I found in Ian not only an efficient and timely provider but also an inspiring coach and mentor extremely helpful to guide any beginner with the ins and outs of self-publishing.

Boris Handal
A Trilogy of Consecration,
The Khamsis,
Varqá and Rúhu’lláh,
میرزا مهدی غصن

 Maureen Wingham


I first met Ian at a talk and at the time I had just finished a very unhelpful association with the people who were formatting my book. During our conversation, he offered the services of Book Reality to enable me to have the cover converted to be suitable for Ingram. He suggested using Draft2Digital and whilst I did not use the full services of Book Reality they took care of all the changes and outstanding work and uploaded everything to Amazon, Ingram and Draft2Digital.  They were very efficient and Ian always kept to the dates agreed. 

James Francis


Greetings. Perhaps you landed here searching for a reputable publisher for your book manuscript, like I did. May I suggest your search may be over. I am most grateful to have signed on with this highly professional and talented group. My personal experience has been a most welcome one of ease, comfort and smoothness. Throughout this process, I have found Ian’s assistance to be priceless, as though I had been blessed with a new best friend, that I have never met.
Many thanks to Ian and his remarkable group. Sincerely,

James Francis
The Stories of James
(James, Brother of Jeshua (Jesus) The Sun of Love)

Author Lindsey PorterLindsey Porter


After 10 years of writing and wondering about the how, when and if I would ever give birth to my story in the form of a book – through another Book Reality author I was introduced and things quickly fell into place. Ian was patient, shared with me lots of options and made it possible to happen both financially and to bring a book into production in the way I wanted it – even including colour photographs! He sorted distribution and continues to support me. The geographical distance between the UK and Australia doesn’t appear to exist when publishing your book! Recommended.

Lindsey Porter Whirlpools, Yoga and the Balance of Life

Author Rica KeenumMarcel Legosz


‘An independently published author’. It wasn’t long ago that this phrase did not form part of my vocabulary.

A generous recommendation by a local publisher had me under Ian’s wing in no time. My first phone conversation was akin to chatting to a mate at the pub. The talk was easy – made more so by our mutual interest in one of the topics in my manuscript.

Ian’s simple approach to explaining the processes of transforming a manuscript into a book, all of a sudden had me thinking; this is not a pipe dream but a reality.

Ian’s prompt replies to my e-mails showed me how committed he is to his clients. Ian and his team’s expertise enabled me to continue with my other manuscripts.

Recommending Ian to any writer lost in the publishing wilderness is a pleasure. The path out is straight and wide.

Marcel Legosz Suited

Author Marjory KaptanogluMarjory Kaptanoglu


“Ian and the team at The Book Reality Experience have been a pleasure to work with. They coordinated all aspects of publication, from cover design to editing to formatting to uploading to Amazon, IngramSpark, and Draft2Digital – freeing up my time to concentrate on writing. Every step was completed on or before the date promised. Whenever I had a question or concern, Ian responded to my email with a solution, often within the hour. This is even more amazing considering I’m in the US so we’re not exactly on the same time. Lately, Ian has been offering marketing information and recommendations, and has set up a group to enable the Book Reality authors to share tips. Since I did not purchase any marketing services, this has been an unexpected bonus. Book Reality provides a personal and supportive experience that shows how much they care about the success of their authors. They have now published two of my novels, and I expect to happily return for more.”

Marjory Kaptanoglu Last Girl Standing | Invader

Author Jon Bryant Jon Bryant


Do not doubt yourself. Do not listen to the YouTube gurus telling you not to self publish. If success via traditional publishing means writing a formulaic book that fits the pattern of what currently sells… go your own way. Ian and the Book Reality team provide an unimprovable service to anyone wanting to get their voice heard. The publishing process is bewildering, but Book Reality navigate you through with clarity and integrity. If you believe what you have written deserves to find its audience I cannot recommend the services of Ian and his network of professionals highly enough. You will end up with a great looking product, available through every channel under the sun. Your readers may not know it yet… but they are out there waiting.

Jon Bryant The Levelled

Authors Helen and Bill HendersonM. Helen & W. G. (Bill) Henderson


My late husband’s and my first book was over twenty years in the researching and writing. When it came time to look for a publisher I searched Australia-wide for a publisher who would cover most of the costs and distribution but they weren’t interested in our type of work. Eventually, we decided to self-publish. My Editor recommended The Book Reality Experience. Following agreement on the cost, which by the way was very reasonable considering it was to be produced in full colour, the publishing process not only went very smoothly but was also an enjoyable experience. It was over 500 pages of text complete with images, maps footnotes, bibliography and index and at every stage along the way, Ian patiently assisted with practical advice and dealt with many corrections to the text. We were very happy with the result and with the distribution service he is providing. I would have no hesitation in recommending this publisher to any author.

M. Helen & W. G. (Bill) Henderson A Greater Prize than Gold: Augustus Oldfield: 19th Century Botanical Collector and Ethnographer in Australia

Author Steve Dimodica Steve Dimodica


I await the official launch of my most recent suspense novel in a decidedly upbeat demeanor. It is exciting to see one’s thoughts come to fruition, take shape and form in plain view, as the drama once conceived in a very private mental cavity gradually marshals the words, connects the phrases, sprouts wings and soars. To dream is only part of the equation. In order to succeed, one must also engage in all the meandering mechanics of the publishing process. This leaves us with a choice: Do it ourselves, do it with help, or don’t do it. Fortunately, we don’t have to tread water alone in the deep end.

The solution I found was in engaging Ian Andrew and his team at BRE. They are a publishing assistance firm that can customize an approach to bringing your efforts to life. Depending upon Your skill sets and resources, they can suggest various models and partnership solutions to engage the steps of account setup, cover design, formatting, editing, and project management. They make it easy.

I recommend BRE for their knowledge, efficiency, and consummate professionalism. They are a team cultivated in the publishing process, and you owe it to yourself to explore their program.

Steve Dimodica The Hitler Progeny

Author Pamela LynchPamela Lynch


“Wanting to go down the self-publishing road but having no clue where to start, I was pointed in the direction of Ian Andrew and Book Reality.

From our first chat on the phone to the publication of my book, I felt completely at ease with Ian, he was such a pleasure to work with. The whole process was made so much easier with his help as he took away the stress and the drama associated with trying to come to grips with self-publishing, whilst keeping me informed and part of the process throughout.

I’d highly recommend Ian and Book Reality to anyone who has a completed manuscript but really doesn’t know where to go from there.”

Pamela Lynch How The Hell Did I Get Here

Author Murray Ernest HallMurray Hall


“I’d never written a book before, but had thought about it for years.

Then I stumbled onto a particular subject that I developed a passion for and fast forward five years, I had a finished manuscript. But then what? You can study every YouTube video out there and spend weeks trying to do it yourself or, you contact someone who is passionate and driven to take the debut authors work, engage them, work with them, understand the potential authors desires, guide them over the bumps in the road and pitfalls of “Publishing”.

At some point a courier driver knocks on your door, and you stand there with your own dream in your hands, a shiny, sparkling, finished book. You’ll have a tear in your eye.

Ian Andrew and his magnificent staff at Book Reality took my dream from manuscript form and ultimately to my front door. I will forever be indebted to them. Passion and professionalism runs through their veins. Thank you.”

Murray Hall Walk A War In My Shoes

Author Helene SmithHelene Smith


Leschenault Press has published second editions of four of my books and a new title for Young Adult readers. Ian has supervised audio book versions of two of these, Children of Morwena and Aberash: A Mysterious Land Downunder. He found and worked with professional readers, patiently editing and then sending the work for me to check. He is meticulous in every way, responding to any queries or problems promptly and with kindness. I delight in the fact that we have a publisher on our patch. May it live and thrive.

Ian is trustworthy, supportive and meticulous in every detail. Best of all, he is a competent writer with a love of language and excellent judgment in selecting relevant material.

Helene Smith
Dreamstone| Leaping the Tingles | Children of Morwena | Aberash: A Mysterious Land Downunder

Author Suzi FaedSuzi Faed


I had the pleasure of working with Ian when he assisted me in publishing the life story of my father. Ian is efficient, knowledgeable, helpful and trustworthy and throughout the whole process, I felt assured Ian would capably deliver what he had promised. He was generous with his time, always responding to questions in a timely manner, always patient and respectful when I had to bother him with another question, and then another.

Ian takes his job very seriously and has a great work ethic. His passion for writing is evident; as is his desire to see other writers succeed and thrive.

Words cannot express how appreciative I am for his help in getting a story that is incredibly close to my heart out into the hands of family, friends and other readers.

I would highly recommend Ian to any writer who is looking for assistance to become an independently published author.

Suzi Faed Fighting Spirit

Author Christopher MastermanChristopher Masterman


“I first met Ian at a ‘Meet the Authors’ evening at a local book shop in Busselton. I told him that I had a book (my fifth) ‘Secrets from Norway’ almost ready for publication and that I was seeking to break with my then current ‘Assisted Publishing’ organisation. At a later meeting he explained how he and Book Reality would be able to help me and we drew up a pro-forma contract. Everything he promised to do in that contract was delivered in Spades and I am totally delighted. Seamlessly, to me, the book was lightly edited, formatted and covers illustrated. Accounts were set up for me for printers, on-line print-on-demand sources such as Amazon and ebooks. Everything was explained thoroughly and reviews solicited; nothing seemed too much trouble. We have some commonality in backgrounds so a personal relationship was easily established. Sales? Well it’s tough but not discouraging – but that’s not why I write. My next book – already well along – will I hope also be handled by Ian.”

Chris Masterman Secrets From Norway | Crossing the Bridge

Author Lauren CaseyLauren Casey


“I received a lot of encouragement from my blog readers to write a book about my family’s journey with congenital heart disease. It was a great idea but I had no clue where to start and the thought was quite daunting. I was recommended to contact Ian at Book Reality by another local author and it was the best thing I did! I found Ian to not only be very professional and excellent at his work, but also extremely generous with his time and helpful in every way possible! He went above and beyond to help my dream come true and I am now at the end stages of publishing my book thanks to him! After reading and editing, Ian also generously donated his fee to a charity very important to my family’s circumstances. He spent countless hours talking with and advising me, so I will be recommending Book Reality to everyone I know!”

Lauren Casey The Way My Heart Beats

Author Ray GlickmanRay Glickman


“As an already published author, I was looking to have more control over the publication and marketing process with my second book.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ian Andrew of the Book Reality Experience when we both speaking at a writers’ conference. We hit it off and I am very pleased that I chose Ian’s company to publish my second novel, frenzship. I have been delighted with the service which can be end-to-end covering the whole publication, registration and marketing process or just assistance with various aspects of the process if you want to do more yourself.

Ian has been incredibly helpful, patient and supportive through the process. No question is too stupid – not even mine, and no level of indecision too frustrating for him, not even mine. Ian has a great sense of humour, which is important as you navigate the twists and turns of publishing.

I unreservedly commend Ian Andrew and the Book Reality Experience to anyone looking for an independent publishing facilitator.”

Ray Glickman frenzship

Helen Allan


“I wrote my book 12 years ago and despite overwhelmingly great feedback from the young adults who read it, I couldn’t make the breakthrough into traditional publishing. I knew it would be well read if only I could get it to market. Now, through Book Reality, my novel is available for sale globally through Amazon. My book, out there for all to read; it really is a dream come true.

I found Ian Andrew at Book Reality to be thoroughly professional and exceptionally knowledgeable in all facets of book publication. An author himself, he understood the feelings writers have about their work and their hopes and dreams – I would recommend this business to anyone.”

Helen Allan Bilby

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