No Use Crying Now

Twenty-five years ago her child was stolen

Doog Wilson has never forgotten her son and now, a quarter of a century on, with only hazy memories of the place where he was taken from her arms, she embarks on a quest to the north-west of Western Australia, but her search seems futile. Contentment comes as she finds work on a bustling cattle station.

The annual campdraft brings young men from miles around and Doog befriends Daniel Maroney, a visiting journalist whose experience as a child-migrant has blighted his life. Together they dig into a sordid episode of Australia’s recent past. It is soon clear that for five decades, up until 1982, many Australian institutions, including the church and the government, were complicit in what amounted to a baby-selling industry.

No Use Crying Now – 

A work of fiction – sadly based on all too real fact.