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Author Murray Ernest Hall

Murray Hall – Episode 1

Kicking off our 2nd series of Book Realities – interviews with independent authors, where we discuss their books, their writing methods and what inspired them to be writers in the first place, is a second chat with author, Murray Hall,

A former Commonwealth Games double silver medalist in cycling, Murray brought his first book out in 2018, a non-fiction account of his great-grandfather’s experiences in the First World War. Now though, he is back with his first fiction novel, Unlikely Barons, set in Western Australia’s “wild west”. The Kimberley town of Broome in the 1990’s.

Join him and host, Ian Hooper in discussion about this fictional (but set on so much fact) book of crime capers and the most unlikely criminal barons you’ll ever meet.

12th January 2023

Peter Shearing – Episode 2

Born in Tasmania, Peter spent his childhood growing up on a dairy farm in the north of the state, before joining the Australian Defense Forces while still in his teens. He spent the following twenty seven years living around Australia with many deployments overseas.

On leaving the ADF, he and his wife moved back to Tasmania to enjoy a life of semi-retirement. This was short-lived as he decided to move back into the permanent workforce for another twenty years.

In 2021 he retired ‘properly’ and lives with his wife near Hobart, Tasmania so as to be close to family. His new novel Glacier is set on the island of Malta in pre-history and follows the adventures of a boy called Ka’desh,

In 1991 the natural mummy of a 5000-year old man was found in the Otztal Alps between Austria and Italy. He was unique.

Until now.

In the pre-history of the Mediterranean, a boy growing towards manhood is identified as the subject of a prophecy. Ka’desh, wanting a quiet existence, is thrust into a life that will be far from ordinary as it has been foretold that he will rewrite his people’s history. From his island home on Malta, he must cross the open seas to the island of Sicily and eventually to the Italian mainland. Each step of his journey will be fraught with danger and strengthened with human friendships that are timeless.

And when the ages pass and some 5,000 years have come and gone, is it his body that is found high up in the alps, near to Otzi? Is it his body and the artefacts surrounding him that will rewrite history?

Is he the boy in the Glacier?

12th January 2023
Barbara Ann

Barbara Ann Quinlan – Episode 3 

Barbara Ann Quinlan was, by her own admission, the archetype “wild child” in her teens and early adulthood. Romantically linked to Zohar Argov, widely known in Israel as ‘The king of Mizrahi music’, she also rubbed shoulders with Elizabeth Taylor, Rod Steiger and many more of Hollywood’s elite.

An actress, trained by world-famous theater director, Jerzy Grotowski, at his Theater Laboratory in Wroclaw, Poland, Barbara also studied Kathakali, No and Kabuki Theater, ancient Chinese resonator techniques for the voice, Thai Chi and Chi Gong, among countless other exercises aimed at breaking down one’s resistances in order to develop the actor as an uberman,

After many years studying Chi Gong, she became a Chi Master and for the next 20 years had a successful career as a massage therapist, uniquely incorporating Chi Gong to do energy healing.

Having lived in Paris, she has traveled extensively including long stays in Israel, (holding dual citizenship with Israel and the United States).

With a life story as remarkable as hers, there’s a good reason it took three volumes to document it. The Love Seeker trilogy is a tour de force of a force of nature.

12th January 2023

Robert C Littlewood

An accomplished classical singer, Robert C Littlewood was born in Catford in the Borough of Lewisham, London. He emigrated to Australia with his family arriving in 1964 initially in Perth, Western Australia. He went on to work in many different jobs before completing a Bachelor of Education and going on to be a Primary School teacher. After 15 years in the classroom he left to become a consultant in industrial relations and HR management.

In his singing career, Robert was a chorus member and soloist in the 1990’s with the West Australian Opera Company subsequently being billed as one of WA’s leading operatic tenors. He still maintains an interest in singing and performs on the amateur stage now in his adopted home of Bunbury, Western Australia where he lives with his wife Marilyn.

With a deep and abiding love for the genres of science fiction and fantasy, he decided, like one of his literary heroes, CS Lewis, that he wanted to write the kind of novel he would like to read himself. Hiving completed the first two books, Deviance and Convergence in ‘The Balance Wars’ trilogy, he is currently working on Book 3 Equilibrium.

19th January 2023
Editor Alix Kwan

Alix Kwan

An interview with editor, Alix Kwan, exploring what she does, how she was trained and how she works in collaboration with authors to refine and polish their manuscripts.

This is the latest in our series of Book Realities.

Alix is based in Australia and is a fantasy and sci-fi fan first and foremost, as well as being a member of the Institute of Professional Editors. She holds a Master of Arts, specialising in publishing and editing. Having edited more than 50 manuscripts for independent authors, in addition to academic articles and journals, she was formerly the in-house editor for the University of Southern Queensland’s Social Engagement and Marketing Team. She also has extensive experience in the editing of complex technical papers for Public Service Departments. 

Website: https://moxieediting.com.au/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MoxieEditing

26th January 2023
Author Josh Barry

Josh Barry

2nd February 2023

Lee Gaitan

9th February 2023

PJ Mayhem

16th February 2023
Author Dean P. R. Buswell

Dean Buswell

23rd February 2023

V M Knox

2nd March 2023
Author Sana Turnock

Sana Turnock

9th March 2023

Gabriella Lang

16th March 2023

Mark Fryday

23rd March 2023
Author Angeline King

Angeline King

30 March 2023

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