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The easiest way to think of what we do is to think of a lawn-mowing service. Yes, you could, of course, mow your own lawn. Absolutely. No question. You could practise and refine your method until your lawn looks like the finest striped surface of a Wimbledon centre court, or the pristine gardens of Versailles. Or you could employ someone else to do it for various reasons. You don’t like mowing lawns, you don’t have the best lawn mower, or edging strimmer or watering cans. You haven’t got the time and you put all the hard effort into building or buying your house and you would rather someone else took up the tedium of making the lawn look nice.

Well, in the world of independent publishing, you can do it all yourself. With a couple of caveats. You do need an external editor and a good graphics designer, but you can hire those yourself. You can do all the rest on your own. Learn to format your book interior, set-up all the accounts you need and project manage the whole process from start to finish. Of course you can and don’t let anyone tell you different. However, you can also CHOOSE to have someone else do it for you.

That’s where we come in. However, whether you choose to use us or someone else, MAKE SURE the contract is clear, open, transparent and with a fixed price guarantee and a fixed publication date guarantee. Otherwise, you risk paying for something that you never end up with.

“Ian and the team at The Book Reality Experience have been a pleasure to work with.
They coordinated all aspects of publication, from cover design to editing to formatting to uploading to Amazon, Ingram Spark, and Draft2Digital – freeing up my time to concentrate on writing.”

Marjory Kaptanoglu
Last Girl Standing | Invader

Don’t be deceived…

So, just to be clear… publishing through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing*, Draft2Digital* and Ingram Spark* (and the myriad of other service providers out there) is entirely accessible to all. However, if you are unsure of the steps, or if you need help with formatting, cover art or any other services, then The Book Reality Experience is your assistant in getting your book onto these worldwide distribution platforms.

From that point, your book will be available to a global audience and any sales will be paid at standard royalty rates (which can be up to 70% on E-books). Our services are purely designed to get you there.

We offer two models. A full payment up-front service, at the end of which you run your own accounts, book orders and systems. Or, occasionally, we offer a reduced fee up-front and a share of ongoing sales profits. We do that in the event you want us to run your accounts and book orders and ongoing systems. That way, you don’t have any more out of pocket expenses and we both share the profits from any sales (60/40 in your favour). However, even that model will have a time limit set, usually two or three years, although you can extend it if you wish. If we offer you a choice of either model, you can CHOOSE which you want. We do NOT insist on a profit share. In fact, we do not insist you do anything, other than a professional edit and a professional cover design. That we do insist on as we will be putting our credibility behind your book.

We offer a range of packages from paperback formatting, through E-Book preparation, cover art design, all the way up to full editing and preparation services for multi-format editions. We also offer training and mentorship through the process if you would prefer to do it all yourself. Regardless of which service you choose, all copyright remains with you. ALWAYS.

That’s it really. Each project is unique and therefore we never quote a full price breakdown until we have assessed your manuscript (which we do for free and without obligation on either side). Then you get an itemised, fully transparent quote. If it is acceptable, we sign a contract with all the services and exceptions laid out clearly and with a fixed, guaranteed publication date.

That’s how the Book Reality Experience turns your book dream into a reality. Fairly, without endless contractual agreements and without any hidden fees or costs.

“[Ian] explained how he and Book Reality would be able to help me and we drew up a pro-forma contract.
Everything he promised to do in that contract was delivered in Spades and I am totally delighted.”
Christopher Masterman
The Old Boys Club | The Convent Girl | Crossing The Bridge | Secrets From Norway

The Bottom Line…

But, we also realise all authors want to know: “How much is this going to cost?”

Well, (with the exception of editing, which can only be quoted on once the manuscript is assessed), as a guideline, a typical “average” (let’s say a text-only novel with no images inside the book, running to about 80,000 words, and with an e-book and paperback version to be produced) would cost in the region of $900 – $1500 US dollars (about £1,000) and that will include ISBNs, covers, account set-ups, formatting and project management all the way through to publication. If, on the other hand, you have a monumental tome of a book with 500+ pages, 300,000 words and hundreds of images included, well you can imagine that will cost substantially more to put into a format fit for publishing. That’s why we base each price on the individual needs of each author. Also, you need to be aware that editing is an expensive, but fundamental, necessity. Each quote will vary depending on how much editing is required. Proof edit, a little, structural and copy editing, more. We won’t publish a book under our ‘umbrella’ unless it is edited professionally, but, if you would prefer that we just format your interior and design your exterior, then we can do that as well.

All you have to do is get in touch with us to begin the process.

Let us help turn your book dream into a reality

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