Imagine a world where people no longer choose their friends. Two school friends, different in every respect, drift apart in search of themselves. One flits from dodgy deal to get-rich-quick scheme while the other fights for freedom and justice. The psychosocial media app, frenzship, takes the world by storm, revolutionising the very meaning of friendship and propelling the old friends onto a collision course. Is frenzship the reinvention of true friendship and meaningful relationships for the information age or a dangerous cult bending the minds of the young and impressionable? The friends’ schoolboy pact is invoked. Will their friendship transcend the conflict? Does a mate come running no matter what? “If you’ve ever pondered the meaning of friendship or wondered why your friends are your friends, you will find frenzship a book you can’t put down.”

IAN ANDREW says: ‘frenzship is another thought-provoking novel by Ray Glickman, WA Premier’s Award shortlisted author of Reality’