About A.R. Raspa

A. R. Raspa is a true-blue sandgroper, born and breed in the southern suburbs of Perth, WA. Unemployed and eighteen, he was 800+ handwritten pages into his first novel when he realised that he might be a writer. At the age of twenty-four, Aaron enrolled at Curtin University as a mature age student, and was accepted into a English literature degree — so imagine his surprised when he turned up the following year to discover his course had been discontinued and he’d been enrolled in Communication and Cultural Studies instead! Unperturbed, he chose creative writing for every minor and elective subject, often retaking courses to workshop new pieces.

After completing his degree he worked in a printshop, where he seized every opportunity to print multiple drafts of his novels and short stories.   

He is currently working at UWA, where he has spent the last fifteen years, and lives with his wife and youngest son.   

Books by A.R. Raspa

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Honey the Bee Goes to Caterpillar University

by A.R. Raspa


A.R. Raspa