Editor Andrew Bridgmont

Andrew Bridgmont


Andrew is a stylish and sensitive line editor as well as a thorough and painstaking proofreader. He is expert in fiction, screenwriting and drama, with over 20 years experience as a writer, editor and script developer.


Andrew entered writing and copy/script editing through theatre, TV and Film. As an actor, Andrew developed an ear for structure and dialogue which has served him well in developing and nurturing the talent of others. These include novelists, poets, short story writers, screenwriters, as well as playwrights.

He is currently a regular proofreader/line editor for Hera Books, London.

Andrew’s key objective is to turn a good idea into a compelling piece of storytelling while never undervaluing the importance of detail. Although a published writer in his own right, one of Andrew’s biggest joys is to get inside the head of a talented author and help bring their vision to life.