About Barbara Ann Quinlan

Barbara Ann Quinlan was born in upstate New York and later raised in Southern California. For six years, she studied a radical form of eastern European theater; first with Leonidas Dudarew-Ossentynski at his studio in Hollywood and then at the Theater Laboratory of Jerzy Grotowski, in Wrocław, Poland.

Her studies included No and Kabuki Theater, ancient Chinese resonator techniques for the voice, Thai Chi and Chi gung, among countless other exercises aimed at breaking down one’s resistances in order to develop the actor as a superhuman; capable of performing far beyond the normal human range.

Barbara wrote her first poem at five and has kept numerous journals. She studied French in Paris, Spanish in school and Hebrew in Israel. Throughout the years, she has used her knowledge of Chi gung to perform energetic healing.

After spending ten years traveling as the executive assistant to a well-known author who gives seminars around the world, Barbara now dedicates herself to the joys of life itself, her family, her friends and her writing.

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Barbara Ann Quinlan