About Paul Jackson

Forty seven years ago I drew a map of a world that did not yet exist: It was called Elsewhere. Being dyslexic I decided to describe that world in three dimensional forms rather than in the written form, making the characters and the landscapes in Porcelain alongside watercolour illustrations. For the next fifteen years I had exhibitions in Piccadilly and Chelsea and the work made its way into private collections around the world.

In 1993 I began a thirty year journey as a professional storyteller in the Oral tradition, telling over fifty five thousand stories in across the Uk, China and France. Playing African harp and American flutes to accompany the storytelling.

Ten years ago I finely decided that it was time to start writing the Stories of the fantastical world of Elsewhere. 

Genres – Fantasy

Virtual book club meets – Yes

In-person book club meets – Yes – Norwich, Norfolk +100 Miles