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EB Converse always searches for the silver lining—even when writing tough topics and painful truths. That, paired with her unique ability to find the high ground, gives her work an incredible perspective and a fresh twist. She’s a lifetime creative writer of multiple genres and disciplines and has an education in the arts and culture. She’s an NGO founder/director of an arts and cultural organization.

EB lives in sunny Southern California with her husband. Along with her human neighbors she lives on a mountain side and shares the land with a mother bear, her two cubs and a deer family. When she’s not writing, EB enjoys walking and yoga (but not at the same time), traveling, creating art and engaging in thoughtful conversations. She hopes to inspire readers to think, consider new perspectives, and to keep them coming back for more. With many stories to tell, she’s excited to connect, open minds, and continue to learn every step of the way.

Rosedust is her debut novel.

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