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By Peter Shearing


A Boy. An Island. A Prophecy.

They called him Otzi the Iceman.

In 1991 the natural mummy of a 5000-year old man was found in the Otztal Alps between Austria and Italy. He was unique.

Until now.

In the pre-history of the Mediterranean, a boy growing towards manhood is identified as the subject of a prophecy. Ka’desh, wanting a quiet existence, is thrust into a life that will be far from ordinary as it has been foretold that he will rewrite his people’s history. From his island home on Malta, he must cross the open seas to the island of Sicily and eventually to the Italian mainland. Each step of his journey will be fraught with danger and strengthened with human friendships that are timeless.

And when the ages pass and some 5,000 years have come and gone, is it his body that is found high up in the alps, near to Otzi? Is it his body and the artefacts surrounding him that will rewrite history?

Is he the boy in the Glacier?