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Heir to the Ice Flame

by  Rose Harvey


Heir to the Ice Flame

Enter the realm of Scardia, where magic, love and betrayal are all too real.

  • A kingdom cast into darkness.
  • A hidden princess, running for her life.
  • A boy with dreams of becoming a knight.
  • A devoted guard with secret intentions.

Aged seven, Princess Nina Fiordlasher made a wish. Within twenty-four hours her world was changed irrevocably, her parents murdered, her kingdom stolen and her status changed from royal to fugitive. Now, as Nina approaches her eighteenth birthday, she has the right to reclaim her throne. However, her parents’ killer, the Usurper, still hunts for her and so she plans to reunite with her mother’s long-lost family. Accompanied by a devoted companion, Keely, and a young boy Erik, Nina has to overcome her fears and navigate the many hazards in her path. 

For merely being the Heir to the Ice Flame does not guarantee she can claim her rightful destiny.