Editor Andrew Bridgmont

Jo Smith


Writing and editing have been central to my working life for over 30 years. As a corporate communications consultant, I produced major projects such as annual reports and company newsletters; as publicity manager of a performing arts council, I oversaw production of countless theatre programs, marketing material and media releases. Years in academia had me editing and proofreading faculty reports, strategic reviews and dissertations.

A passion for words and language—and the people who weave them into stories—finally  prompted me to set up my own freelance editing business, Word Bee. I love working with writers and consider it a privilege to help polish a story to publication standard.

I initially studied English as a degree major, and continue to take courses in editing and proofreading.  I’m also a member of IPEd.

My services: sensitive, thorough copyediting and meticulous proofreading.

My areas of interest and expertise:

  • adult/ young adult fiction—fantasy, historical, romance, mystery and crime
  • non-fiction—memoir, biography, cookbooks, academic (humanities) and corporate, including website.

Contact: dsm58630@outlook.com