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Julie Lenora Parsons is a professional arts practitioner and writer based in Fremantle, Western Australia, where she wrote and illustrated Rabbits and Other Immigrants: The Alan Parsons Story, the elegant, full-colour tome documented with original photographs and stories of pioneering in the wheat belt. The beautifully designed history follows her father’s family and the spread of rabbits from; Glastonbury (UK), to Victoria and then onto Western Australia, where it shifts from the wheat belt to the coastal regions, where farmers went after the harvest for their holidays.

Julie has also written for arts media journal Oz Arts, with printed and online articles. The author’s focus on art, history and performance saw her complete a Master’s in Creative Arts, with an enquiry into the design history of the harlequin costume which in turn has led to a long association with Fremantle Carnevale. 

Julie’s creative palette is her diversity of practice which reveals an ability to imagine, realise and inspire imagery. Her strong explorative and research skills were developed from a forty-year career as a studio artist working on occasion with complex public art proposals and theatrical production design commissions. Julie’s artworks are held in private and public art collections across Australia and internationally. While Julie’s artistic career can be traced with achievements appearing on the web, and in art books and magazines alike.

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