About Rod McLure

Rod McLure (Tommy Oldfarte) was 16 when a bloke on a bicycle arrived with a telegram telling him to go along to the local radio station – 3GL, Geelong – for a job interview. It hadn’t occurred to Rod to pursue a career in or on the wireless. It just happened. He never got to sit behind a microphone. Instead, he found himself behind a typewriter, writing commercials … for twenty years!

There was a two-year break living in London and Kombieing around Europe. Then followed two marriages, three Scottish terriers, becoming a dad at age 57and working in aged care and disability.

Rod has written a few one-act plays and covered the football, writing as an old lady called, “Dotty”.

Rod says that he is trying his hardest to grow up. (A work in progress, we wish him well). However, we have a feeling it could be a case of … once a kid, always a kid.

Books by Rod McLure

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Locked In – Daring to Break Free

by Katrin Den Elzen


Katrin Den Elzen