About Mandy Woolf

Mandy Woolf is a Montessori teacher with over 25 years of expertise working with children who have Autism, Down Syndrome and Dyslexia.

Born and raised in London, she relocated with her husband and children to Hong Kong, where she established a Montessori playgroup and volunteered at a local Orphanage, teaching children English through storytelling.

Mandy’s love for storytelling began when her own children were very young. Before bedtime, she would create exciting stories to tell her daughter about the Buttercup Fairies who sat hidden in her daughter’s pocket at school. She adapted these stories to help her students adjust, relax and understand the world around them.

Eventually returning to the UK in 2020, Mandy’s five children urged her to put pen to paper, and thus her writing adventure began.

Janey Just in Case! is her debut picture book and has been a labour of love. Dedicated to her late sister, Debra Jane, ‘Janey Just in Case!’ is the first of many titles that will be coming soon, including Daisy Doodles, Louie & Lemon, Harmony Hope and maybe one day…The Buttercup Fairies.

Books by Mandy Woolf

Janey - Just in Case

by Mandy Woolf - Illustrations by Elmira Georgieva

Mandy Woolf

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