Twenty-Twenty Hindsight by Tim Hind


by James McHenry

O’Halloran; or, The Insurgent Chief

An Irish Historical Tale of 1798

When Dubliner Edward Barrymore falls into the sea off Ballygally Head in north east Ulster, he thinks his end is nigh. Yet, from the darkness comes help in the form of Henry O’Halloran and his beguiling granddaughter, Ellen. Edward is immediately smitten by the beauty of the fair colleen and is enraptured to find she feels the same, but their happiness and that of their families and their country is threatened.

Insurgency and rebellion are approaching and Ellen’s grandfather, Edward’s life-saver, is at the vanguard of the United men in this part of the country. Were the clouds of war not frightening enough, Ellen is also pursued by a monstrous cad who thinks nothing of having her beloved Edward murdered so he may take her for his own.

In the dark of the night, when men with pikes will march against their royal masters, when cowards will skulk away and heroes rise, when neighbour will turn on neighbour and many a good man will fall, can love remain true, will honour repay its debts and what will become of O’Halloran, The Insurgent Chief?

With forewords by Stephen Dornan, Ian Hooper, David Hume MBE, Angeline King, Stephen McCracken and Claire Mitchell. 

A re-publishing of the 1824 classic – a tale of two hearts united as Ireland rips herself apart. 

Note: The main body text of this work is in the Public Domain.