About Sana Turnock

Sana grew up in Perth, Western Australia and as a child loved to draw, read and write stories. Sana kept a diary from the age of 12 into her adult life and wrote a secret novella (which no-one ever saw) when she was a teenager.

Over the years Sana has trained in the areas of clinical aromatherapy, holistic health care, aged and palliative care and adult education. She has published a couple of books and her articles have appeared in industry journals. She holds a Master of (Adult) Education, and Diplomas in various natural therapy modalities.

Like a lot of Australians, Sana has lived overseas and travelled to many countries but still finds the South West of Western Australia her favourite place to live.

An avid learner and appreciator of beauty, Sana loves being in nature, walking and hiking. She is also partial to movies, laughing, dancing and singing with her daughter and spending time with her loving family and gorgeous dog.

Sana works on training and flexing her courage muscle so that she can live a meaningful life.

To find out more about Sana and what she offers go to courageunravelled.com

Books by Sana Turnock