Tommy Dabrowski is a lucky player.

In his younger years he was a winning professional golfer. Now, high-stakes poker provides him with a lavish lifestyle and fortune still favours him. Even when he’s caught-up in a casino heist he takes advantage of the situation.

However, Tommy’s love of poker tables and restaurant tables has made him lazy. Life is slumping. Then an offer to play in a combined golf and poker tournament comes in and Tommy knows it could be a game changer. His four gambling mates and a professional escort are keen to travel with him. He figures it’s easy money, but even Tommy’s luck has to run out.

During their travels, trouble and grief surrounds them. Lives are at risk and new identities are required. Just as Tommy is wondering what’s happened to Lady Luck, an unexpected discovery reveals a link between the heist and someone inside his circle of friends.

From Diamond Harbour, Australia, to high-roller clubs in Hong Kong, from straight talking friends who call a spade a spade to passionate affairs of the heart, Tommy Dabrowski’s life is well suited.