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The Last Months of Violet Koski

by Heather Smith


The Last Months of Violet Koski 

Spanning four decades and travelling from the island of Mallorca to England and Ireland, The Last Months of Violet Koski is a touchingly beautiful story that reminds us we are all connected.

Isolated and seemingly alone in their worlds, a bullied child, a drug addict, a homeless man and an old woman in a nursing home are brought together through empathy, profound communication and the complex interconnections that surround us all.

But how can Gabriel, the down-trodden child, ever bridge these geographic, cultural and age divides? How is he connected to each and how can he possibly show them that there is still love in their worlds?

Expansive in its reach and beautiful in its prose, The Last Months of Violet Koski is a testament to the human condition and our need for connection.