The Levelled

Bevan is heading towards a calamitous fall.

Jez is already at the bottom, living on the streets and facing the approach of winter.

Their paths seem mysteriously entwined. Is it their fate to meet?

Do they each hold a key to solve the other’s plight?

The Levelled is a story of mental disintegration amid personal tragedy and the de-humanising effect of corporate life.

It also explores the harsh reality of homelessness … and how salvation can be found where least expected.

ISBN: 9780648702214 | Literary Fiction | Paperback

Note from the Author

The description of rough sleeping in this book comes from the imagination, not first-hand experience. The Levelled is more about possible routes towards detachment from society than it is about being homeless. I am conscious that appropriating the grim realities of life on the street in pursuit of being published might be questionable. I have tried my best to capture an approximation of the truth and reflect that the underlying issues are extremely complex.

All author royalties from sale of this paperback/e-book will be donated to local (East Anglia, UK) homelessness charities.