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The Pink Bubble

by Brett Cole


The Pink Bubble

“I have always thought a lot about writing. I have often felt compelled to do it. Sometimes, it has been quite arresting and I have had to put thoughts down in notebooks, write in journals and create short stories without delay…It has just been the Pink Bubble at work over and over…that goddamn Pink Bubble.”

Anton’s life was unexceptional, in many ways, until one afternoon as a seventeen year old, his world was turned upside down. In a split second, life as he knew it was over, setting forth a cascade of questioning, confusion, and a thought-provoking journey from self-loathing to acceptance, understanding and finding peace amongst the chaos of life.

Part philosophical musing, part travel journal, part piecing together the broken to create something new, meaningful and whole – The Pink Bubble is a deep dive into one man’s mind as he untangles his trauma and guilt, and learns some incredible lessons along the way.

“Anton… become who you are.”