Twenty-Twenty Hindsight by Tim Hind

Unlikely Barons

by Murray Hall

Unlikely Barons

Kat and Dodge only wanted to make a dollar building houses. But in 1990’s Broome, Western Australia, life was more like Dodge’s namesake of a town in the old Wild West. Money could be made, fortunes won, and lives lost depending on who you spoke to, and how you spoke to them.

When Kat is offered the chance to on-sell a few grams of uppers and downers, he figures it’s easy money and not that dangerous for him or the users. Yet life can take funny turns and before he and his mate know it, they’re the barons of Broome. Barons with no real plan and not a hell of a lot of options to get out of the game.

It’s an unlikely story… but all stories are unlikely until they happen… This is Kat’s story.