Death, Despair & Other Happy Endings – An Anthology

The inaugural anthology of Short Stories, Plays, Poems and Flash Fiction from the collective hive-mind of the Bunbury Writers Group. Inspired by their South West Australian home, but drawing from their multi-cultural backgrounds and mixture of places they once called home, these stories in all their formats, range from a scary fairy who likes Halloween to the joys of a Mother’s embrace. From the despair of a broken heart, to the delights of a new found love and from the dark recesses of a killer’s mind to the happiness in a turtle staying its course.

So dip in or read from cover to cover and explore the funny, sad, light, dark, but always inventive mix that is Death, Despair and other Happy Endings.

ISBN: 9780648702207 – Paperback: 316 pages – 6×9″ (229mm x 152mm)