Twenty-Twenty Hindsight by Tim Hind

Four Short Stories

by Thomas Jobling

Four Short Stories

From the author of ‘Chasing Shadows’, ‘Arthur’s Dead’ and ‘A Letter to a Lucky Man’.

This fourth book from Northern Ireland based writer, Thomas Jobling, is a short step away from his normal nautical driven novels. Rather, this piece of work contains four stand-alone short stories connected only by his particular style of character building and a focus on the individual’s ability to overcome adversity.

FIRST TIMER – Darren taking virgin steps into the world of after-office parties!

INCIDENT at TWISTED ELBOW – Will Abernethy and Phil Shawcross are joint owners of a race car attempting to win the ‘Twisted Elbow’ hill climb. Will thinks the car’s performance is an issue, but young Shawcross has other things on his mind.

LEAP of FAITH – While Sandy Hayes awaits the arrival of the Scottish ferry that will once more transport him from his hometown, he reminisces about his boyhood days and one in particular. When the teenage Sandy rushed to catch another ferry, a much smaller one that already held Siobhan, the girl of his dreams… and Billy, his rival in love.

A NOT SO TENDER TRAP – Misogamy, it seems, is a word yet to be invented in the Marbella party-town where so many ex-pats have congregated.