Just Janey's Way

by Mandy Woolf -
Illustrations by Elmira Georgieva






Just Janey’s Way

“…a great early reader book: entertaining, engaging and teaches valuable lessons on kindness, caring and the true meaning of being a friend to have a friend.” Readers’ Favorite™ Book Reviews

 “5 stars – How to deal with some anxiety at a young age. Bright and Cheerful illustrations with a diversity of characters.” readerViews kids review.

Janey wants EVERYTHING her way and she won’t take no for an answer.

Her friends do their best to fit in with her demands until they decide that enough is ENOUGH!

Is Janey a stubborn bully?

Or is it that she just needs time to understand the true meaning of FRIENDSHIP?

The second book in the Janey series which demonstrates the importance of kindness, friendship and teamwork.