by E B Converse


When a brilliant young student makes a breakthrough botanical discovery in the late 1960s, it seems her life is set on its course, but a socially unacceptable romance and a resultant pregnancy throw everything into turmoil and ultimately leads her to disaster. Her brother, in an effort to protect his own inheritance, steps in to ensure the truth is never uncovered.  

Now, fifteen years later, a beautiful young girl on the cusp of womanhood,  leaves her abusive father behind and strikes out into the world. Her path brings her into contact with an equally bruised young photographer and together they begin to make their mark. With her stunning looks and his artistic skill she is soon catapulted into the glamour of celebrity.

Yet all this time, someone has been searching for her.

As family ties and family lies twist and turn towards their climax, the life of a mother and a daughter will parallel through generations. Ultimately, the dust of the past must be swept away, the present reckoned with and the future… well it must be paid for.

ROSEDUST – A family saga of aching beauty and healing love.