Self-Publishing For Independent Authors

Now revised and updated to include KDP Paperback – 2nd edition out now! – International award-winning writer, Ian Andrew is a passionate advocate for Indie authors and their ability to self-publish professionally. His beginner’s guide navigates you through the use of eBook, paperback and hardback Print on Demand suppliers so that you can successfully self-publish your first book with ease. Given his three decades of experience as a professional instructor and lecturer, Ian details the steps you need to take in an unhurried, plainly written and often humorous way. Explaining how to use the Kindle Direct Publishing, Draft2Digital and IngramSpark interfaces, how to expertly use Microsoft® Word to format your manuscript and with additional information on ISBNs, Legal Deposit and other fundamentals of self-publishing, this is a must-read for any Indie authors wishing to turn their book dream into a book reality.

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