Twenty-Twenty Hindsight by Tim Hind

Slaughtered Nursery Rhymes

by Ian Hooper

Slaughtered Nursery Rhymes – For Grown-Ups

An unlucky for some collection of 13 Nursery Rhymes for all the adults who want to know what really happened to Jack and Jill, Little Bo Peep and Doctor Foster. Not to mention what Mary was actually growing in her garden!

When we think of a rhyme, with which we passed time, as a child in the playground at school,
It would be a short ditty, but much more the pity, it’d be quite mundane as a rule.
For old Jack and Miss Jill, would never speak ill, of their partner beside them in verse.
But it caused me to wonder, if the truth we could plunder, would their actual behaviour be worse?
Would we discover, that Jill was a lover, of violence and mayhem and death?
Or would Little Bo Peep, being fed up with sheep, curse them silently under her breath?
And so in this book, we’ll be taking a look at the criminal lives of a few,
Of our favourite “rhymees”, and I trust it will please, or at least raise a giggle or two!