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Their Souls Met in Wishton

By Wanda Penalver Bevan

Their Souls Met in Wishton

When the universe sends Liam Kincaid back into Miranda Peterson’s life, warm memories turn into obsessive thoughts. Fueled by her imagination, Miranda is compelled to write a story about the life she and Liam might have had together. But Nicole and Garrett, the young lovers in Miranda’s book, are not without their own set of problems. Garrett moves away before high school graduation, Nicole faces the pitfalls of the entertainment business, both of them striving to save their relationship amid challenges in the years ahead.

While Miranda is literally rewriting the past, her current relationship with Liam finds her unprepared for how his presence transforms her life, and how the powerful bond between them increasingly blurs the line between fact and fiction.

THEIR SOULS MET IN WISHTON¬†weaves music with magical moments in a tale about falling in love, following your dreams, and pondering the timeless question, “What if?”