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Whisky Chaser

by David Cantrip


Whisky Chaser

In a world of counterfeits, one man stands for the truth. 

Hamish Mallows is a lawyer at Scotland’s premier whisky company. He has a sharp mind and an unshakable confidence in the law. But when an international conspiracy to forge their world-renowned brand emerges, Hamish finds himself out of his depth.

Desperate to protect the company and his reputation, Hamish tries to navigate the dangerous waters of investigation and espionage. As he dives deeper and begins to flounder, he enlists the help of a private investigator. Yet far from keeping him afloat, their personality clash threatens to destroy their attempts to bring the criminals to justice.

With the company’s future hanging in the balance, they must overcome their differences and use every trick in the legal arsenal to outwit the counterfeiters.

But when the stakes are this high, even the law may not be enough…